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Discovering our own backyard - Green Island

Updated: May 20, 2019

Green Island is a tropical cay situated in the Great Barrier Reef. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and sapphire blue waters, Green Island is only an hour by boat from Cairns. There are a range of activities to choose from including Scuba diving, snorkelling and even walk underwater with the Seawalker helmet diving. For an exhilarating top-side perspective of the reef, there’s parasailing and scenic helicopter flights too!

We chose to snorkel upon arrival and it was amazing. We had a large school of bait fish to swim amongst with more brightly coloured ones to discover hiding in the coral once we got into deeper water. We enjoyed it so much we went for a second dip before our return.

There are a couple of eateries and a bar on the island & we had a great Gourmet Hot Dog for lunch, but I warn you to beware of the little birds. They look cute but are very aggressive and snatch the food out of your hand if you're not on guard.

Snorkelling with turtles - Green Island

We enjoyed a stroll along the beaches and boardwalk feeling like we were the only ones there, it was beautiful and so relaxing. We then made our way to the Marineland to see the afternoon crocodile feeding (you pay extra at the entrance for this activity). Green Island is also a resort so as the day visitors leave you have an opportunity to relax in the quiet serenity or take advantage of optional activities including live fish feeding & sunset drinks. Later in the evening you’ll have the opportunity to go on an island walk or for some star gazing through a telescope on the beach.

Going out to the Barrier Reef is a must do during your stay in Cairns and Green Island is a fantastic option.

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