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The Mighty River Murray

A little over an hour drive from Adelaide you can discover the ancient cliffs, small river towns & floodplains that await you along the Murray River.

Houseboats are a popular way to explore the river. Available to hire from several locations along the river including Mannum, Murray Bridge and Renmark; they allow families and groups to enjoy the peace and calm of the river, discovering natures beauty along the way. Houseboating is fascinating at all times of the year, with summer being vibrant and great for swimming, skiing and water sports in general. Winter is a great time to setup campfires and enjoy the crispness of the air and serenity of the Murray River. There are also riverside shacks dotted in communities along the banks of the river.

Alternatively, for a day trip you could take the picturesque riverside road from Mannum and travel upon the free ferry ride across Walker Flat where some of the most amazing cliff views can be found. From there it is a short distance down the road to Nildottie where the Big Bend views will take your breath away.

Big Bend is the longest single bend in the Murray River. The area is known for its spectacular riverside limestone cliffs, rich with millions of ocean fossils and abundant wildlife, which are the tallest along the Murray River. Caves in the area have been continuously occupied for at least 8,000 years and are sacred to the local aboriginal community.

Discover the hidden secrets of this meandering river on a spectacular Murray River drive, or spend some time unwinding in a riverside shack or holiday houseboat. From the adrenaline of a jet ski to the calm glide of a kayak by the cliffs, if you absolutely love unique experiences or are looking to unwind, the Murray offers you every possible opportunity to explore, reconnect and simply relax.

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